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Monday, March 12, 2012

Brandlink Communications; New York, NY

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Regular office, showroom, copy room maintenance

  • Client Maintenance such as clipping, status reports, and announcing press credits

  • Celebrity and press/media outreach using excel, cisions research module, etc

  • Support on-site and red carpet events

  • Target media list, building a celebrity outreach list, RSVP list for events, proposals and media alerts

  • Showroom pulls for editors, producers and/or talent

  • Research projects

  • Errand work

There were no changes in my primary job responsibilities over the course of my placement.

Overall I would rate this company as average.

I would not recommend this site to other students because their internship program is not effective. There needs to be a lot more structure for their program.

If I could change anything about this placement it would be to work under the VP of fashion in the New York office.

Advice I would give other students pursuing an internship would be to ask very specific questions on the job you are applying for, make sure that the job responsibilities assigned will enhance your skills and that you'll learn a lot or else you will be wasting time.

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jaylen watkins said...

Thanks for making know about brandlink communications vacancies.

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